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Turn to the honest staff at Repair Zone when your iPad needs to be repaired. We repair iPads and tablets for individuals, businesses, and schools. You can depend on us to always use grade-A parts in the repair process, and we offer a lifetime warranty on service. Stop by one of our seven different convenient locations in eastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island today.

Many Repair Services for Your iPad

Cracked screens

A cracked screen can significantly affect your ability to use your device, and cracks tend to worsen over time. If you have a cracked iPad screen, bring it to your local Repair Zone and our experts will get your iPad back in working order.

iPad repair from Repair Zone at Wireless Zone in Connecticut and Rhode Island

Battery replacements

A battery that consistently dies mid-use or without warning can be frustrating and incredibly inconvenient. If you need a battery replacement, call Repair Zone and let our expert technicians help you.

Microphones & Speakers

A broken microphone or broken speaker can limit your device’s capabilities, especially if you use your device to stream videos or talk to coworkers, friends, and family. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to quickly repair your microphone or speaker so you can get back to listening to your favorite tunes and talking with your loved ones.

Headphone jacks

Headphone jacks can often wear out with repeated use. If you hear a hissing or crackling sound when you are trying to use headphones, bring your device in and our technicians at Repair Zone will help to repair your headphone jack.

Home Buttons

If your home button breaks, your ability to use your iPad can be significantly inhibited. If you are experiencing issues with your home button or other buttons on your phone, come see the experts at Repair Zone to see how we can help get your device back up and running.

Power buttons

A broken power button may be common, but it can significantly impact your ability to use your iPad. Come in and see our experienced technicians so that we can repair and restore your device quickly and efficiently.

Camera flashes

If your iPad’s camera flash is not working properly or completely broken, come into your local Repair Zone. We are experienced with camera flash repairs and replacement and can help you fix your mobile device.


The many peripheral devices connected to your iPad, like camera lenses, smart devices, Apple watches, and Bluetooth devices can also be damaged or break. Our qualified technicians at Repair Zone are trained to assess the issue and fix the many peripheral devices to your iPad.

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